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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Re: Ward Churchill - Forrest Tucker Wasn't The Biggest Prick In The Imaginary West

If you get the joke in the title I owe you a beer.

This one's old but I'm new here. The last on Chief Whitey Fake-em-good (AKA Sitting Bull$hit) is that the University of Colorado issued a report and may be trying to whitewash (Ward's already white) the issue.

Ward's fake-yet-accurate tale of 'doh! is best detailed by VDH. When Colorado Indians repeatedly protested to the University that Ward wasn't real they were told ethnicity is solely determined by the person making the claim. In that case I'm a member of the So-Sue-Me Tribe and I want to build a casino in my living room.

Whitey also stole the combat stories of a real Native American and presents them as his own. Jewish (turned Italian) thespian Steven Segal did the same thing. Then there's Rigoberta Menchu, whose fake-yet-accurate life story was detailed by Frontpage. Her work is defended as "biomythography", a feminist literary genre that "explodes male-centered definitions of history, mythology, autobiography and fiction." Once again, fake-yet-accurate, but in Victim Culture you don't even have to be a real victim. And as Albert Einstein once said, isn't imagination more important than knowledge?

The First Amendment arguments will never be resolved, but it's laughable that a tenured professor is being defended like he's a Supreme Court justice. Churchill is just a state employee. He should be fired if he's lied, cheated and stolen.

The American Indian Movement also thinks Churchill's a prick. Check out the cartoon they themselves post. Here's a small pic of the Ward as hippie terrorist that made us all laugh so hard a while back. Also read the quote next to it. Here's the Cranky Neocon turning himself into Che Churchill.


Blogger hooey said...

Now you make fun of W. Churchhill. Of course you people would take that rout. What rout?. The racist rout of attacking his Native American heritage by calling him "Indian' or "Sitting Bullshit. Have you people ever even listened to his lectures or read his writings? Pnobably not you just take what yuo hear on Faux News as gospell. Read W Churchill's writings. You might learn something.

9:55 AM

Blogger Emerson said...

Howie! My site had been blessed. If only Dean and Liberal Larry were to call. You are liberalism's triple threat, and my neo-jew-con powers are useless against you. Curses!

Your site looks good, Howie. I just know your new Islamo-Masters will let you clean their toilets once they take over and find you ready with welcome banners and fresh cookies.

2:33 PM

Blogger Richard said...

That seems to be the stock response of outrage and righteous indignation that comes from criticizing any of these kinds of people. Obviously it's YOUR news sources that are biased and misleading and you obviously "don't get it" because you don't know what it's "really" about. A guy told me exactly the same thing regarding Che the other day and suggested I go see "The Motorcycle Diaries."

5:07 PM

Blogger Emerson said...


Not to give away Howie's shtick but he, Dean (Not Real Name) and Liberal Larry of BlameBush! all write fake Lefist blogs.

Dean's Stop The Neocon Death Machine is in my links (you can get to Howie's blog from there) and from there you can also see BlameBush!, the original of its kind.

Howie hasn't perfected his voice yet but the kid has great potential.

7:12 PM

Blogger Richard said...

Ah...I haven't had time to peruse BlameBush! yet. That'll be my office activity for the day.

7:51 AM

Blogger hooey said...

I am NOT a «fake» leftist! I am a progressive with a blog.

8:42 PM

Blogger Emerson said...


I linked you today. You and Dean. Your comments section is where people's heads explode. It's hard for me to look directly at it.

You should point out that even though Hitler would have marched the Amish first into the gas chambers to show contempt for their passivity, they would have done so non-violently, which is of course better.

2:37 AM


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