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Friday, April 22, 2005

On My Radio and On Your Radio

Hey kids, a Selecter AND Joe Jackson reference in the title.

Steve Jones, Henry "Neck" Rollins, Rob Zombie, Nina Blackwood, Dickey Barrett and others appear on radio station Indie 103.1, operating out of California's Inland Empire, Los Angeles' version of Appalachia.

You can even listen to it on your 'puter, so get crackin', or as they say in the Inland Empire, get methin'.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do they play The Selector & Joe Jackson?

Lemmy know.

9:48 AM

Blogger Emerson said...

Go to the site. They list all their shows. Nina Blackwood has a syndicated show on Saturday nights called "New Wave Nation"


9:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My piece of crap computer won't let me. I was meaning to tell you that Handsome Dick Manitoba has a regular show on Sirius (channel 25) should you ever decide to pay for radio.

12:41 PM


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