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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Gift Card Blues

I received a $50 gift card so I spent an hour in Borders. I own most of the movies I'd see twice and books are too expensive even when they're free. I've been spoiled by the public library system. The local ones only keep books they can't sell, but Las Vegas has a great system. It exists solely to have something to point to when the city is accurately described as a burning hellhole of idiocy.

Of course my gift card was for Barnes & Noble, so I put everything back and drove across town. Bad eyes and a short attention span mix for a deadly cocktail!

I picked up Legend Of A Rock Star: The Last Testament of Dee Dee Ramone (I own two Dee Dee Ramone autobiographies? I need help) On The Road With The Ramones (I'm still trying to find out what Joey had for breakfast on Dec. 3, 1989) and a book on Krav Maga.

If I had my martial arts life to do over again I'd have taken Krav Maga, the combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces, and a Filipino stick and knife system. Krav Maga wasn't around back then but that's no reason not to list it on my List Of Regrets.

I strongly believe martial arts should be incorporated into Jewish religious and cultural life for the same reasons the Chinese did centuries ago. Most people think twice before fighting an Asian guy because it's just assumed they grew up learning self-defense. What a horrible stereotype, just like Jews are good with money. How dare you! And me!!


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