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Friday, April 22, 2005

Skafish Friday

In celebration of the elevation of Joey Ratz to Benny The Pope I offer my Catholics readers fish on friday. I give you.... Jim Skafish!

He was the Klaus Nomi of the massively shnozzed. He could stick a thumb up each nostril and ring them like bells. And with that Friar Tuck haircut he was the Hutch-Nose Of Notre Dame. I'd break his nose but I only have two hands! Yes, I'm here all the week.

His new site is astounding. Print it out and you'll have the definitive book on Skafish. You must read the FAQs:

Q: Are any audio or video works by Skafish available for sale at this time?
A: At this time, nothing by Skafish or anything Skafish was included in is currently in release anywhere in the world.

Q: Does Skafish have anything to do with "Ska" music?
A: No, the first syllable of his name is pronounced SKAY, not SKAH.

(I don't care what you say, Jim, you're SKA-FISH!)

I also recommend watching Jim evolve from a gawky Baby Huey into a distinguished middle-aged man in the pictures section. He looks good thin, like Jean Reno with a honker designed by Basil Wolverton.


Anonymous New Evolutionist said...

I saw a slice of Skafish on some compilation new wave-ish concert film from the early '80s, doing a song called "The Sign of the Cross," one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen.

12:36 PM

Blogger Emerson said...

Yeah, that was the movie URGH! A MUSIC WAR. Some of the acts haven't aged well. Skafish is ok but the theatrics are on the cheap.

12:42 PM

Blogger Emerson said...

Hey, New Evolutionist!

Is your name a reference to the New Musik song?

12:42 PM

Anonymous New Evolutionist said...

Yes. Well, that and I'm a part-time eugenicist.

I'm not sure how I forgot that film title. Thanks.

1:10 PM


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