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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Che Shite

I have no idea why people idolize revolutionary butcher Che Guevara. I imagine most just like the look of the Warhol-esque logo-icon you can even find on a cheap plastic clock in the mall next to KISS and the Misfits. I recently stood next to a self-conscious college geek sporting a Che logo shirt and fake combat pants. Part of me wanted to A) laugh, while another voted to B) stand on his neck. The internal lawyer that is my superego decided to walk away before I was arrested for either B or B precipitated by A.

The biggest source of general interest in Che is the hipster-doofus retro-60's revolutionary-chic thing. There's already been one teen-beat movie on him and another is in production. It's despicable. It's not cute because the man was an indiscriminate killer and set up institutions for murder and torture. If The Pineapple wasn't so friggin' fuggly I bet Noriega stickers would also adorn the car bumpers of dimwits.

Hardcore Leftists, genocidal to the core, love how his romantic visions of a people's paradise involved so much pain to innocents. Oh, they do hate the little people. All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others. And remember, he did it all for the revolution, which is change, and change is good! Hate is Love, War is Peace, Oppression is Freedom. That's how the game of Nuance is played by the functionally insane.

Anyway, here's an article I found on the shite that was Che. I'm amazed more people don't know the truth or don't care to know. They just think that logo looks cool. By the by, comrade Joe Strummer is being set up as punk's Che figure.

4/21/05 update: Powerline linked to this great article from the Yale Daily News titled "Radical un-chic: think before you wear". Here da money shot!:

"Marxism was a dark -- perhaps the darkest -- chapter in human history. Those who still admire the ideology are sullied by the black stain of 85 million deaths. Those who -- ignorant of the story behind their beloved leftist icons -- sport Che or vintage Communist Party shirts are likewise tainted by tacit approval of unprecedented crimes against humanity."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ever see the New Yorker cartoon where Che is wearing a Simpson's tee shirt?

Sofa king good!


10:03 AM

Blogger Richard said...

Nobody at this stinking college believes me when I tell them he executed people. They keep saying, "He was the one person who did it for all the right reasons." Wha??

10:02 AM

Blogger Emerson said...


When teachers are political pedophiles and students think assholes are cool, the end result is an upside-down world where Che killed children for good cause and Gnome Crapsky is a genius. It’s funny up until it’s sad. Laugh at the funny and avoid the sad because you can’t apply logic to insanity. It will only make you nuts too.

12:22 PM


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