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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Today's Confusing Punk Soapbox Declaration

I hit links for no reason, and sometimes I see something that makes me wonder about, you know, The Big Question, as in why I waste my life with links.

This one-screen epitaph for defunct Screamo unit Kyds Vs. Columbus has words on it that form patterns of mesmerizing illiterate poetry. It's as if a cliche generator spit out 100 scraps of paper which were then picked up and put in order by a blind person.

By the way, Screamo is Death Metal for Emo nerds.

Each time I read this a new shade of pretentious, nonsensical, strident, didactical crapola rises to the fore, and I shiver. The kind of people who write like this actually exist. They speak from the heart and demand to be heard. In order to save the world they must make every living person roll their eyes like a slot machine, mouth agape.

Here's a sweet, sweet taste: "Initially, we were the kyds vs columbus, but we made a conscious effort to eliminate "the" from our name because it is isolationist."


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