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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Review: Son Of Oi!

Another from Captain Oi, a reissue of Son Of Oi! from 1983, the fifth of the Oi comp series originated by journalist and musician Garry Bushell, whose site is worth a visit for the long history of Oi, a violent comedy of contradictions that could only be made into a film using Punch and Judy hand puppets. The only skin I know now works the door at a Goth club and screams that he wants to beat somebody into a coma. But he's not a nazi!

Bushell claims that by the time of Son Of Oi! the scene was ending. Maybe as thinly defined by Bushell, and maybe it's surprising it lasted at least two years to begin with. Padded with a bit of filler, Son Of Oi! is a great collection of punk music and poetry in styles including goth, roadhouse blues, country and synth pop, all with a working clarse bent. The cover reads, "The Oi organizing committee presents a raccous resurrection of rebellion, rumination & rumbustious revelry......"

Cock Sparrer opens with a live version of "Chip On My Shoulder". Other highlights are "Generation Landslide" by Prole (a bit of Clash), "Violent Playground" by Clockwork Destruction (sharp chords), "Andy Is A Corporatist" by Attila and the Newtown Neurotics, "On The Streets" by the Four Skins, "Out In The Cold" by The Business (their best song ever), "Make Mine Molotov" by Maniac Youth (a boot stomper if there ever was one) and "Manifest Oi!" by Oi The Robot (steals an Ultravox riff).

The poetry is just as good, my favorite by Phil Sexton, which starts "Every Thursday evening, the wallies watch the box, settle down in their rainbow gowns and watch Top Of The Pops." He pronounces Renaissance as "Ree-Nay-Since". I'm also pretty good at lip-synching the Garry Johnson poems, "Loves to revel in the boot boy glory, but when he's in his closet he's a typical Tory...."

I like most of the b-tracks probably just out of nostalgia. I firmly believe most music ages poorly and it's hard to teach an old ear to like old songs of little current merit.


Anonymous Ishabaka said...

Hmm, I love Oi, but they shouldn't knock "Top Of The Pops", it was a great show. When I was 12 our family lived for a year in England. I used to watch "Top Of The Pops" every week. One week they had a new band on that played this really strange music - it was The Jimi Hendrix Experience doing "Purple Haze". That was the first wide exposure Mr. Hendrix got - the year was 1967. BTW Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding never got the credit they deserved. It's hard playing in a trio where the guitarist does a lot of solos - the bottom drops out of the music without a rythm guitar or keyboards. Noel played bass like a madman to keep up a foundation under Jimi's solos. All Jimi's future bands had many musicians.
Oh yeah, I'm so old I also saw The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show three weeks in a row, so eat your heart out on a plastic tray.....

4:11 AM


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