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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year, New Schedule

For nine months I wrote a daily entry for every business day, as part of my evil master plan. In phase two I won't be writing every day but only when I have something to say or to review. No more deadlines for me!

That said, please tell me why my gym plays Kiss 21. It alternates between commercial alt.rock and slow jam hip hop where every song is set to the same hand-clap beat. That people like both at the same time is beyond my comprehension. Every time a rapper sings "Wit Chew" instead of "With You" and angel gets his wings.


Blogger dean04prez said...

That is real cool that yuor gym plays Kiss./ In my gym teh teacher always only lets the foot ball jocks pick the music and they are always like: "lets play M&M"

Kiss is real old and lead guitar guy Gene is a openly neocon but I still get totaly pumped when he says "woo" after every set and is always tell the audience "we love you". Thast way cool

6:08 PM

Blogger Robert G. said...

It's true: working out just isn't worth it.

8:06 PM

Blogger Steph Wills said...

My evil plan involves:

1. a trunk full of wine,
2. a pocket full of candy,
3. a lot of vaseline, and
4. a 3' 2x4.

Unfortunately, I was slightly inebriated at the time I came up with the plan, and this is all I can remember.

10:16 AM

Anonymous Ishabaka said...

Uh, I'd rather listen to Barry Manilow than Kiss, but to set the record straight Gene is the bass player, Ace Freehly is the guitar player.

10:27 AM


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