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Friday, January 13, 2006

Cute Overload and Death To Millions

I really, really enjoy the nice pictures of animals at Cute Overload. I'm old enough, big enough and mean enough to not care if that doesn't sound cool to anyone. I can't say I even took notice of all things cute until my niece was born years back. Whatever she liked I liked and whatever she thought was adorable I did too. The math was and is that simple.

I often wonder how many of the worst people on the planet would have to die in order for there to be a noticeable improvement in the world. I mean the worst scumbags - serial rapists, child frickers, heroin dealers, murderous gangs and the like. My friend Dave says 90% but he's a nihilist. I learn more towards 10%. Do you have an opinion on this?

My motorcycle license plate was stolen this week. It only cost me $17 to replace, which for theft/vandalism is cheap. My previously stolen side panels cost $250. Unless he did it to buy bread for his starving family I hope the fugg loses an arm and a leg in an industrial accident. "Bye, honey, I'm off to my job of committing crime!" F U.

That's me, protect and cherish cute things and wish horrible pain and suffering for scumbags. Ain't I cute?


Anonymous Ishabaka said...

Best estimates put the percentage of people with psychopathic personality at 3% of the population. Actually psychopaths are the MINORITY of prison inmates as we put so many people in prison for harmless acts like selling marijuana (to adults). Add the child molesters, torturers, people who sell heroin to children etc. and I would estimate 5% of the gen pop. And I deal with these folks at work on a daily basis. I have a 9 year old daughter. Cute is good. "Put All Against The Wall And Kill 'Em" - Cock Sparrer.

4:40 AM

Blogger Ratface said...

i'm a heroin dealer. i need the extra cash for drugs.

9:21 AM

Blogger Emerson said...

Oh Ratty, you don't deal heroin. You sell clothes on ebay. Remember? Go down to the Inner Harbor and look at the pretty boats. You'll feel better soon. Promise.

11:28 AM


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