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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Review: The Violators - The No Future Years CD

Captain Oi!, gawd's gift to 2nd wave UK punk, has released (finally) the sum total of the 1981+ era career of The Violators, who released a handful of singles and a 12" on No Future Records before changing their name to Taboo and recording post-post-punk songs, some included here. They were a decent band who recorded one of the best Killing Joke songs that band never wrote or recorded. More on that later.

I'm having a hard time finding out who their band members were and what they had for lunch today. One dressed like a droog as did The Adicts. When the songs are sang by the female singer(s?) the tunes lean heavily towards Siouxsie and Vice Squad backed by Killing Joke. The male singer fronts very heavy Killing Joke pound-fests. "Summer Of 81" is credited with reflecting the political mood of the time, but then again what song didn't. The reason to buy this cd is to own "Gangland", like I said the best Killing Joke song not by Killing Joke. No matter how many times I hear it my eyeballs still roll into my head and like in Scanners somebody's head explodes.

With this cd I now own the best quality recording of "Gangland" I can find. Me happy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

rumpa rumpa rumpa, hey hey! I have a soft spot for this band. "Gangland" is an incredible song... who'd believe a 6 minute punk song would work so well... "Summer Of '81" is probably my favorite... RIOT RIOT!--Al, Suburban Voice 'zine

7:51 AM


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