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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Review: The Queers - Summer Hits Vol. I

I'm having a hard time thinking of this as a review since Summer Hits Vol. I is product no matter how swell it might be. It's either an excuse to tour or something to sell on tour. I've loved these guys through all their phases (Angry Samoans/Screeching Weasel/Beach Boys) and while it's nice to hear songs old, new, borrowed and blue, I have to ask why. It's none of my business but there's something missing here, like waiting for the latest episode of your favorite show and finding out the next few weeks will be reruns.

Singer/guitarist Joe King's guitar is nicely tuned to where the chords chime like tones. The Who's "The Kids Are Alright" make a nice transition to fast and fuzzy while their take on The Angry Samoans' "My Old Man's A Fatso" is an acknowledgment of a debt beyond measure. The Samoans get the short shrift in punk history with Green Day getting credit for what the Samoans did much earlier. A Effin A on that.

This also can't be a hits collection because "I Only Drink Bud" isn't on it. Feh.


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