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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Straight Edge Snitch List

This probably isn't a joke, at least intentionally. Here's the "How's Your Edge?: The Straight Edge Break List", where traitors to the SXE death cult are outed, nailed to the "X" and removed from all crucial crew lists. I'm so glad someone's finally naming the names.

Choice examples of Edge Breakage:

Chris "Sweeper" Murphy, Buffalo, NY. Mid 90's Buffalo crew. Called Sweeper for his sweeping mosh maneuver. Played guitar in Lockjaw and Wrong the Oppressor/The Fire. Replacement member (replaced before any shows were played) of The Alleged.

Little" John Mordan, South Orange County, CA. Founding member of alliance crew. let everyone know what was coming when he started eating meat again. once had LORDS after his hide for calling them sellouts. now drinks like a sailor, but still a solid dude.

Ben Hughes, South Wales, UK. Played guitar in From This Moment On. Broke his promise to become a football hooligan. Still busting a Converge shirt but with a Burberry scarf. Go figure!


Blogger Eric said...

Oh crap, who knew the li'l fascist bastards were keeping tabs?!??

8:00 PM


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