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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Review: What The Punk?! DVD

More like what the hell IS this crap?! A large distributor, MVD, slapped 49 minutes of randomness on a dvd and sold it for $7.95. There's a Vol. 2 in the works so for a cheap gift for that pun crocker in your life you can do worse. Maybe not.

There's VHS quality live and video tracks from Bad Religion, Johnny Thunders, the Dead Kennedys, Sublime, Sleater-Kinney, Christian Death, The Genitorturers, TSOL, Debbie Harry, GG Allin, Psychic TV, the Ramones, Horace Pinker, The Hives, The Offspring, the Cramps, the Butthole Surfers and Ivan Kral. There's also short films from Richard Kern and one of his contemporaries.

Kral's piece is credited to Patti Smith but it's only photographs and it's also the closing credits of his video. TSOL is from a promo for the film RAGE. GG Allin's bit is the opening credits to HATED. The Offspring track is a song played over snowboarding. Why would anyone want to look at film credits just to hear a song?

Watching Jello Biafra again I realize he should play The Riddler in a Batman movie. The only real treat is an old piece of film where a young Debbie Harry sits backwards in a chair and sings a torch song a capella. She has a nice voice.

I can't stress enough how even as a free sampler this is a time waster.


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