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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Death Is Yummy

I'm watching the entire run of Millennium, a mostly great TV show that should be called Se7en: The Series. I only watch one or two at a time because I don't want to go insane in the process. I just finished "The Well Worn Lock" and I'm very angry. Even the title is horrific beyond words. On Thursday came news this baby fricker kept records of 36,000 child molestations. Thirty-Six THOUSAND.

These people need to be stopped immediately, and hopefully killed in the process. Killed so we don't have to spend an extra dime on them working the system for mercy and understanding because they themselves were victims of porn or a mommy that didn't love them or a daddy who loved them too much. There are certain acts that destroy pity - murder, rape, incest and child frigging top my list. By rape I mean real rape, not the all-men-are-rapists idiocy of man-haters.

Who am I to judge? I'm Emerson, and if it ever comes up on a ballot my vote is that these monsters should be killed first and asked questions later. There are too many people who need legitimate help to have time and money wasted on the irredeemable and those unworthy of redemption. The far left talks of social and economic justice, just another marxist revenge fantasy. I believe in criminal justice that protects victims and stops victimizers. If victimization is a cycle there's one way to definitely stop the cycle from repeating.

The "peace" group behind International ANSWER was created by Joseph Stalin, who said of his rivals "No Man, No Problem". For certain people I definitely agree.

Again, who am I to judge? My name is Emerson.


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