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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Review: ...Trail Of Dead - Worlds Apart

Trail Of Dead is the last part of ...AYWKUBTTOT. Who has the time? Who am I kidding, I do, but I refuse.

In a way Trail of Dead's career has paralleled Sense Field, but the latter is the better band. Both released two average post-Nirvana Emo records before recording their classics: Source Codes and Tags and Building. Both were urgent, hungry, focused and a statement that might be repeated to less effect but couldn't be built on.

Sense Field went the route of catchy melodies and can crank them out with ease. Trail Of Dead's Worlds Apart starts off where the last ended but settles immediately into a pattern of simple and ineffectual songs framed by expertly produced progressive rock. It's all flourish and little substance, and the melodies are weaker and less thought through than you'd think after the last disc. Both bands love The Beatles with Sense Field doing a better job at making it interesting.

Trail Of Dead has the talent to right the ship on their next cd and I hope they do.


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