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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Review: Kung Fu Hustle

I think I've just seen the greatest b-movie of all time. I'll know by tomorrow when I get over the initial shock. It reflects a storytelling culture I'll never fully grasp and it's casually cruel and sexist in ways only Asian movies can be, but oh my freakin' god was Kung Fu Hustle amazing, fantastic and gagadeeplopadoo, a word I just made up but there needs to be a new word for how great it is.

When the Buddha Palm forced through the tenement I nearly crapped. It was the culmination of all the beauty, violence, comedy and dramatic power of the film. Director/writer/star Stephen Chow and stunt master fight coordinator Yuen Wo Ping have created a masterpiece.

Shaolin Soccer was really good but Kung Fu Hustle rules the wasteland. If Chow can top this I will definitely crap my pants. Oh yeah, and it won't be pretty.


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