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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

This is KSIK. You've Been Listening To "Music For Old Invalids". Our Next Selection Is Entitled "Sick Room Serenade"

Hey kids! Uncle Punk is home today after hours of gum grafting surgery. I'll write a movie review after nap time. My left cheek is puffed up like Robert D'Zar. My gums receded from brushing too hard (today's lesson for the kids) and this was my third and final surgery. If I'm nice to my mouth the grafts will take and the terror that started five months ago will be over.

The periodontist sliced pieces from the roof of my mouth and repeatedly stitched them into my gum line. Doesn't that sound fun? And, it only cost me $8,000 American money. Do you realize how many Hello Kitty collectables that could buy?


Anonymous New Evolutionist said...

Many wishes for a speedy recovery, Em.

11:57 AM

Blogger Emerson said...

Thanks, Evol. I took the one day off and slept so much I have a headache. The worst is after the surgery when the novocaine slowly wears off. I found saying "ow" loudly a few times made me fell better for a minute. Scream therapy. But it was worth it because now I'm gummed up to original specs.

12:17 PM


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