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Monday, June 13, 2005

Billy Idol - WTF

I can't be the only person who thinks Billy Idol is the biggest pretty-boy poser ever to come from our scene. How's this! Again Again and Again!! I could do this all day, people.

I don't hate the guy but the pumped fist, Sid/Elvis sneer, signature "Ow!" (see also Michael Jackson's "Ooooo" and David Lee Roth's falsetto yelp) and all the rest are laughable. He's from the UK but sings a song called "Rebel Yell"? Huh?! He reminds me of Vanilla Ice and Spike did a better Billy Idol than Billy does.

I liked some Generation X and loved "Dancing With Myself". "White Wedding" is a guilty pleasure. It sounds like Iggy's crooning on "Eyes Without A Face". "Mony Mony" was a gimmick that sold while the electro-tinged Cyberpunk bombed.

Sorry I don't have bigger fish to fry today. Ow!!!!!


Blogger camojack said...

I remember Generation X: "Kiss me deadly", "Youth, youth, youth", "Day by day"...great stuff; got that first album on CD now, in fact.

Billy Idol put out some good songs when he went solo, but I agree that he's a poser.

Once upon a time there was a really happenin' spot in Philly called "The Hot Club", at 23rd & South Streets I think it was. B-52's, Ultravox, those were the days.

I wound up in L.A. for a spell in '79, and saw the Ramones at U.C.L.A. They really did ROCK! No pauses or dialogue between songs, just "1, 2, 3, 4!" and they were into the next song.

I recognize all the bands you mention in your profile, too...

4:23 AM


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