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Friday, May 27, 2005

Subtle and Funny

Vodkapundit links to the amazon.com reviews of one Henry Raddick, who gives everything the highest rating and then dispenses great pieces of conceptual humor.

For a book on composting human manure he writes "Marjorie and I have been composting for 3 years now, but recently we have started to use the term "manure" and we now have a few more takers for our homegrown vegetables among our dinner-guests."

Then there's "This wonderful book has helped me understand the word 'post-modern', which has replaced 'serendipity' and 'oxymoron' as the word I spew out when I am intimidated by how clever other people are and panic."

So far there's 24 pages of this genius satirists' work.

One more, for a home shoeshine kit: "Tremendous, May 6, 2002 An excellent kit for keeping those shoes nicely buffed. I also found an additional useful feature when I accidentally dropped a coin next to my home shoeshine kit and it told me that word on the street was the Gambinis had been taking heat from the DA's office on account of that business with Frankie the Snake."


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