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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Two Types Of Punk Buts

1) A fellow at my gym looked punkish so one day whilst standing next to him I struck up a conversation. He answered to the punk question in the affirmative. A few bands were discussed and then he brought up Skrewdriver, the Minor Threat of white power hate music. I said "Well... I'm Jewish", which made him thunk a second and then he replied "But, they write great songs". I blinked a few times and exited stage left.

2) I knew a homosexual gentleman in Washington DC who was a tenant in a fancy apartment building I helped manage. He said he could help me get a civil service job, which didn't offer a great starting pay but it was secure work, and if you stuck around long enough you could do ok. One day I visited him and he was drunk. As I was leaving he asked if I wanted to watch a video. In response to my query he said it was in fact a gay sex video. I reminded him, for the 10th time, that I wasn't gay. He thunk a second and then said "But, it's so hot!" I exited door right.


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