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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Anarchy Juh-ism!

There must be 5,236 varieties of Anarchy, with more coming, because Anarchy, by nature of its perpetual spitefulness, evolves into something else once it has been raped by the very act of definition.

What all Anarchies have in common is insanity, from insanely juvenile to insanely insane. It's a utopian fantasy that believes either peace will come through the genocides and purges of "the struggle", or that paradise is just what's left once everyone is dead.

As with coprophilia fetishes, it's hard to say why one person prefers poop over pee or nihilism over the urge to "build strong communities that can manage themselves through direct democracy in conjunction and solidarity with other communities". With both, I don't know and I don't want to know.

In the dementia of Anarchy, laws create lawlessness and people will readily give up their vanity and selfishness once television is outlawed and all decisions are made by small, random groups of hu-persons in hemp panchos sitting in weed fields being eaten alive by malaria-bearing mosquitoes.

Your typical anarchy punk web site looks like this, and please hit all the links because they just keep on giving. It's funny, mostly harmless and part of many kid's learning curve. Then there's the Green Anarchists....

Why do people against all civilization and all technology have a website? Shouldn't they be C.H.U.D., living in sewers wreaking havoc on passersby, being, you know, the product of and demise of corrupt, polluted, hierarchical, patriarchal society?

Visit the Green Anarchists and try to read an entire article all the way through. Lawyers and Anarchists both must get paid by the word. At least read the page on the horrors of Niceism.

If you read enough Anarchist literature you'll notice a fascination with all words that end with "-ism". As with most creepy cults, I'm afraid Anarchy is just another way guys try to get naive women to help them to that perfect utopian state of juh-ism.


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