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Friday, April 15, 2005

Save CBGBs

The Bowery cattle-car known as CBGBs is in danger of losing their space because the landlord wants to raise rents to the area average. The Bowery Residents' Committee owns the building and runs the homeless shelter above the club. It's Hobo vs. Hoodlum in lower Manhattan near Noho and Soho!

Here's a link: Welcome to the official Save CBGB site

Here's a classic anectdote from Deborah Harry in Please Kill Me as to what happened when bums last battled a punk music space, in this case the Mercer Arts Center:

“The Center was integrally linked to the Broadway Central Hotel, which had a glorious history but had now become a crumbling structure occupied by welfare recipients. It was so old and decrepit from years of people pissing on the floor and throwing up in the corner that it just caved in.”


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