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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Blame Bush!

Liberal Larry hits one out of the park today with MY FAVORITE TAX.


Anonymous Ishabaka said...

Ah, c'mon Emerson, you know if you really wanted THE best tax you would design it so the dumbest poorest people in America would wait in line to pay it VOLUNTARILY!!! While rich moneybags like you laughed all the way to your local Honda parts dealer.
AND IT"S HERE! It's called the State Lottery. Your chances of getting a dime of your money back are better in a slot machine at Vegas.
I say we abolish the Federal Income Tax and have a Federal Lottery. Hell, we could have a prize of a billion - make that ten, no a hundred billion bucks - about what Congress tosses in the old pork barrel daily. People would dig up the old gold certificates they had burried in tin cans in their back yards to play, and you could afford a new license plate bracket for your bike. Make the poor pay!!!

7:00 PM

Blogger Emerson said...

Oh Ish, I know that's you, Dr. John. Why the subterfuge?

I like the lottery. It's only a buck and it's worth its weight in gold just in delusional daydreams of early retirement.

The poor shouldn't spend so much money on candy, booze or premium toilet paper. Regular toilet paper has 2 useable sides just like the fancy stuff.

3:08 AM


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