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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lazy Day Photo Funnies

Karate Punk

Not Punk Enough

Punk Jumps The Shark, Part 3.5 Gazillion

New Wave Pins

Skate Punk Zombie Costume (don't just take my word for it. Here.)

Punk Yoda Kitty

Child Abuse


Blogger Fraticornicos Fan Club said...

Thanx for writing, Emerson.

The Ramones filled stadiums here in Argentina. That's very weird. I mean worldwide.

By the way, Fraticornicos play a very interesting cheap-cyber-toy-core. This is a new style in which The Residents' parodia ways are combined with some imaginary toy-versioned lunatics like the Dead Kennedys.

Official web site of these insane: www.fraticornicosweb.com.ar

Luv to you. Sorry, better... "Hate and war", as The Clash once sang.

Romina (Fraticornicos Fan Club blog Argentina)

12:32 PM


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