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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sloppy Dan Is Dead!

Aged bag-o-crap Slobodan Milosevic died in his prison cell. Sadly it was from natural causes and not painful, slow torture like Action Jackson got.

Sloppy Dan oversaw a systematic rape campaign against the Muslim women of Bosnia, along with the regular menu of genocidal war crimes. A number of American Peace and Anti-War organizations are actually Stalinist front groups or fellow travelers, and they've offered legal and moral support to Sloppy for years. There's a seeming contradiction here but who knows what that could be.

If there's a hell, Miloseshit is ain't gonna be loving death.

By the by, when Bill Clinton was heckled as a war criminal it was in reference to him stopping Sloppy Dan and saving the lives of countless Muslims.

3/15/06 update: Of course Gnome Crapsky was a supporter of Sloppyshit


Blogger Robert G. said...

He was reportedly discovered lifeless at 10am. Let war criminals have a nice lie in in The Hague, do they?

2:09 PM

Anonymous MikalM said...

...and of course, look at all the gratitude we get from the Muslim world for saving their people from this dirtbag.

(BTW, props for the Action Jackson reference! You're obviously a man acquainted with the finer points of American Mob history.)

6:12 PM

Blogger Richard said...

That Action Jackson bit was one of the most horrible things I've ever read. I guess the paranoia runs deep in that business.

5:15 AM

Blogger Sean Pelette said...

You mean the "Muslim women of Bosnia".

1:19 PM

Blogger Emerson said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:10 PM

Blogger Emerson said...


Thanks for pointing out my dumb mistake. I've made the correction. May you choke on a chicken bone whilst falling out of a tree.

7:13 PM

Blogger Sean Pelette said...

It was the nerdy me talking, I swear.

4:12 PM


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