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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ass Pennies

My favorite comedy sketch of all time, by The Upright Citzens Brigade.

Ass -Pennies

Added Bonus: I commute to and from work 25 miles each way on a motorcycle. This film scares the crap out of me. I would feel no pity at all if he died while riding like this.


Anonymous Ishabaka said...

Unfortunately this type of riding has become all to common with the release of multiple videos, books like "Extreme Street" and rap videos about insane motorcycle riding.
Been riding 25 years and never a crash. The key is to go with the flow of traffic, and ride as though everyone in a car is drunk and blind.
If you want to see what your bike can do go to your local drag strip.
Sooner or later one of those people he is lane splitting at three times their speed is going to suddenly change lanes without signalling and he will be dead or an organ donor. Those kinds of riders tend not to wear helmets too.

8:30 AM

Anonymous Ishabaka said...

I should add the bike DEALERS encourage this. I spent some time recently at a Yamaha/Honda/Honda/Suzuki dealer that had several bikes for sale that will do over 180mph.
Sure enough, they had a rack of DVD's of "extreme street riding" for sale.
And they won't let you take a new bike you are thinking of buying for a test ride because it's "too dangerous".

5:10 AM


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