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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Find Chester In Your Town

Remember, it's a sexual preference!

Added bonus: click on the squares to see photos of convicted rapists and child frickers in your area. Be sure to say howdy when you see them at the store!

3/16/2006 update: Toddzilla's comments are great. And I quote "Her face looked like a clenched fist."


Anonymous Toddzilla6 said...

I once delivered a pizza to one of the sex-offendin' gals listed. She came to the door in white see-thru panties and a white see-thru bra. Gravity had taken quite a toll on her body (which was ugly anyway), and she kept dropping her money and bending over to pick it up.

Her face looks like a clenched fist.

Why couldn't it have been some 20 year-old sorority sex kitten instead of a prune with a conviction for fiddling with young boys' diddles?

10:28 PM

Anonymous Toddzilla6 said...

Yep, a clenched fist.


9:41 PM


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