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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Horrible Truth About CBGBs

Hey Kids! Did you catch the Mission Of Burma reference in the title?

NYMary has a powerpop blog and she posted a recent entry on the fate of CBGBs, which may have to move or close down. Someone called DeepToej left a comment that speaks to the truth of the matter that CBGBs has been legendary, as in the past tense, for a long time. Everybody knew it/knows it but unless you go there all the time it's hard to know for sure. DeepToej writes like he's been there and he's going back in two weeks.

In my opinion, CBGB has not been a viable music venue since the end of the 80's. As much as I really like the physical space of the club, and the quite good sound system, I am rarely provided with reason to go there. The main problem is their policy of putting on 7 or 8 bands every night of the week, usually without thought of compatability. So Band A shows up to play, and a few friends come out to see them, then the band and their friends leave, and Band B shows up with their friends. Maybe that's profitable, but what the hell, it's hardly going to motivate someone to check their ad in the Village Voice every week, which is what I did religiously years ago. Maybe it gives bands an opportunity to play, but there are many, many... many clubs in New York for bands to play.


Blogger Ratface said...

at least the threat of closing the place down has caused them to book some pretty badass shows

10:59 AM

Blogger Emerson said...

Holy Caropla you're right, Batgirl. I mean Ratface! I didn't know some of these bands still existed:

The Misfits, Gorilla Biscuits, Black Train Jack, Raw Power (!), The Offspring, Living Colour, The Vandals, Jerry's Kids, Battalion Of Saints, DEAD BOYS, FLIPPER, PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES, ADRENALIN O.D. , FURIOUS GEORGE
ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE, NIHILISTICS, SFA, Sham 69, Flipper, Youth Brigade, The Queers, Zero Boys, etc etc etc

11:08 AM


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