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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Shut Up And Dance Like A Chicken

Sir Mick Jagger sticks it to the man as only a 62 year old multi-multi-millionaire can, by writing a song called "Sweet Neo Con". It will be on their new album A Bigger Bang. The tune contains the fist-pumping lyrics "You call yourself a Christian, I call you a hypocrite. You call yourself a patriot, well I think you're full of s..t".

Smash the state, Sir Mick, smash it good!

I bolded and italicized their new album because that was one of only two parts of the article I reacted to. The Stones record new albums? I thought they stopped once they became a touring oldies act. Their last well-reviewed album was in 1981. Tickets for their 2005 tour start at around $165.00, a price I imagine only neo-cons can afford. Really, why bother? Sing "Satisfaction", do the chicken strut and cart out the dead guy on guitar.

The article goes on to say:

"Jagger also took a dig at fellow band member Keith Richards, who lives in the United States. Keith said, 'It's not really metaphorical.' I think he's a bit worried because he lives in the S', Jagger reportedly joked."

Keith's in big trouble now! He sometimes comes within 100 feet of people who don't kiss his ass, so anything can happen now, especially since the Stones attack Bush on their new album, A Bigger Bang.

By the way, the Stones might be the greatest single inspiration for punk rock.

Update: A MisterPundit at another blog posted this comment, right on the mark: "Can you imagine Jagger singing about Osama Bin Laden 'You say you’re a Muslim. I call you a hypocrite'? No, of course not. The stupid f--k doesn’t have the balls. Then he goes on to say 'I’m not afraid'. Afraid of what? Those mythical angry neo-cons' who detonate themselves on busses? What a f--king puppet. "

Jim O'Sullivan provides new songs on the Stone's set list:

Let's Take a Nap Together
Gimme Tax Shelter
Limpin'Jack Flash
She's So Old
You Can't Always Chew What You Want
Grandpa's Little Helper
Brown Metamucil


Blogger Robert G. said...

Absolutely fucking priceless! "Pay-tree-it" with "full of shit"--sounds like Neil Innes parodying Dylan.

The continued high profile of The Crones brings to mind something a friend of mine often says: "Christ, I fucking hate Boomers."

I'd say they haven't made a really good album since Some Girls, although Steel Wheels had its moments.

1:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck the Stones. They used to be cool but that was a long, LONG time ago.

I always get a giggle when a rich entertainer decides to "stick it to the man" and take a stand from the comfort of his mansion.

Besides, aren't neo-con's supposed to be Jewish? The lyric about calling yourself a Christian makes no sense in that context. Either Mick didn't pay someone to do the research for him, or he was lazy and went for an easy rhyme.

Hopefully, Rod Stewart or Lionel Richie will have the balls to make a stand next. I need the laughs.

Anonymous has spoken!

3:24 PM

Blogger hooey said...

The Stones are a great band, but that is because of their 1962-72 material. Their best stuff was when Brian Jones was still alive, although they were still making good material through the 70s. I thought the track "Emotional Rescue" was an awesome BeeGees parody, with Mick as Barry Gibb.

4:22 PM

Blogger Robert G. said...

Their best stuff was when Mick was still alive. In an interview today, he looked like a pickled and preserved Monty Python old crone, sans bonnet.

And...they're IN TOWN TONIGHT!!! Arrrggghhh!!!!

5:12 PM


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