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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Too Busy To Be Creative Today

Anti-Flag signed with Sony? Isn't that like Muslims and Jews hosting a pork festival? I laugh at their sell-out-edness.

Punk77 is a great resource site for classical folk music of Norway's Kerfluggen region.

I'd like to let this speak for itself, but in case you don't get the joke - $50,000 for a used car?From MTV last month, "If you're a fan of Green Day — and have a spare $50,000 laying around — then maybe you can own a four-wheeled piece of punk-rock history. Currently up for bid on eBay is the 1985 Ford Econoline 150 formerly owned by none other than Green Day drummer Tre Cool, which the band piloted on two U.S. tours back when it was an unpolished and unsigned bunch of kids. The inside of the van is wood-paneled and covered in Green Day graffiti — including Cool's signature — and stickers. The starting bid is a cool $50k, and the auction runs until June 7."

A Punk Seagull

OK, who was weirder, Klaus Nomi or Jim Skafish?


Blogger malfeitor said...

I remember them having a bread truck that they printed t-shirts out of on the spot (even in the middle of a cornfield). Now that's worth at least twice that.

3:08 PM

Blogger Toad734 said...

no thanks

1:19 PM

Blogger Emerson said...

I thought a true Anti-Flag fan wouldn't even money for the concert tickets.

8:56 AM


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