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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

In Old Media News...

If you're an old fugg like me you'll be interested in knowing TV Guide is changing format and will no longer carry local listings. Jeff Jarvis of Buzzmachine has the scoop. Here's a direct link supplied by Mr. Jarvis himself.

TV Guide was the bible in my family's house, just like in Archie Bunker's. To read TV guide will no longer carry local listings is like saying Santa is no longer leaving toys in individual homes. The future is now and the future is a scary, uncaring place.

I was impressed when Jarvis wrote "I worked at TV Guide as critic and in magazine development about 10 years ago." I plotzed when I read "When I started Entertainment Weekly..." That's major!


Blogger Jeff Jarvis said...

Thanks for the link. Here's the direct link (the permalink is the headline): http://www.buzzmachine.com/index.php/2005/07/26/the-incredible-shrinking-magazine/

1:51 PM


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