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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Rich Kid anarchists In The News!

Drudge links this article on the wacky hi-jinx of two teen anarchists from Sarasota, FL who burned flags and stuff to protest stuff. And, oopsie, they also tried to firebomb a car:

Scott A. Baber and Brian A. Richard III, both 18, told deputies they burned the flags because they are anarchists and disagree with the war in Iraq and other U.S. government policies.

If Scott and Brian have two brain cells and an original thought between them I'll eat my hat. Notice the article put anarchists in quotes. These adult children live in the Bent Tree subdivision, "a gated neighborhood with curving streets and elegant homes surrounded by large manicured lawns blending into natural areas with some of the homes edging the Bent Tree golf course." They might as well have claimed to be pirates.

I'll never grow tired of mocking the idiocy of so-called anarchists, be they angry rich kids still acting out their terrible twos, or angry old hippies too bitter to accept their ideals were all lies in practice. anarchy is an imaginary construct considered irrational even by diehard communists. In a way you can say anarchy is utopian, since utopia in psychology is a state of mental illness. Utopia for anarchists begins and ends in mindless destruction.

There's no shiny, clean, peaceful end to anarchy, only the act of destruction. anarchy is nihilism - it just sounds cooler and there's bands and clothes and patches and stickers and records and stuff, like this shirt for $59.99! It costs money to look this good whilst smashing the state.

6/29 update: The Smoking Gun is there with pics of the "Baby Faced anarchists". Isn't that the young Fred Savage on the right?

7/5 update: Here's an editorial from a SoFla paper, with my favorite kind of cut in this situation,"Their political extremism may well be as fleeting as many a boneheaded and rebellious conviction that 18-year-olds adopt for a while, before settling down to become taxpayers trying to make mortgage and car payments."


Blogger Richard said...


And for only $59.99. I can't imagine what these people are thinking to themselves when they come up with the ideas for this stuff--a designer shirt for anarchists. With lots of neat pseudo-graffiti printed on it. And a great, big "A" on the back! Maybe I shouldn't be laughing.

6:17 AM

Blogger Emerson said...

The Big A on the back of the shirt is the best. To think this shirt was actually designed and manufactured.

Do you think they actually sold one? Is there a database so these people can be rounded up for solyent green?

7:55 AM


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