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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bob Mould - Occupation: Gay Man

Husker Du and Sugar guitarist/singer Bob Mould writes a blog called Boblog where he details everything he does, says, listens to, eats and reads. He records and DJs club nights called Blowoff. Bob now lives in beautiful Washington DC.

I love Husker Du, really like Sugar and own two solo albums I've listened to once. I was front and center when Husker Du played the 9:30 club to support New Day Rising and they put on a great show. I couldn't stop staring at Bob's calves - they were the skinniest I've ever seen on an adult. Bob's a serious lifter now, as his blog links to every gym he walks by, and hopefully he's built them up to Tom Platz size. Or at least half-Platz.

Read Boblog and you'll soon realize Bob's now first and foremost a gay man living within the confines of the gay world. Everything else is secondary to his sexual identity. Bob's not a musician, he's a gay musician. According to OUT magazine he's the "Hottest Returning Gay Rock Icon". He talks about the Gayborhood he lives in and maybe he'll move to Long beach if he can get an apartment at The Gaytonia. It's in a nice gayborhood too, close to gay dining, gay bars and gay dry cleaning.

Hooray for Bob and I'm happy Bob's happy. I do find it odd to define yourself so fully in what should be a person's secondary characteristic. I like to think we all should be judged by our actions and content of character, not just gender, skin color, religion, political beliefs or sexuality. That might be heteronormative of me but I look forward to the day Gay Bob will be so comfortable with himself he can just be plain old Bob again.

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Blogger Dirty Jase said...

Well said...

10:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why be critical of a guys personal blog? So what if Bob Mould participates in many "Gay" activities and who are you to decide what he should take interest in? Sure sexuality is something YOU can take for granted, but im sure it would mean a hell of alot to you if it was taken away. Also it seems that your blog has an unhealthy prooccupation with conservatism why do you see that as any less secondary than Moulds homosexuality?
ps- get a life :)

10:23 PM

Blogger lou screw said...

Now every time that I listen to an old Husker Du song, while singing along, I get the urge to grab anonymous mens genitalia! And I already live in Long Beach so no need to move (although the Gaytonia's rents are very high and unaffordable to me).

2:51 AM


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