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Friday, April 29, 2005

Blogger's Revenge, Dean04Prez Style

I get a lot of laughs from Stop The Neocon Death Machine, written by Dean (Not Real Name). It probably takes a long time to effectively mangle the Queen's English as he does. I love the comments section, where people either write like Dean or blow up with indignation.

Dean's rejoinders are classic. He'll answer in and out of character. Today brought this exchange between my hero and one Mrsevilneocon:

mrsevilneocon said...
I'm afraid that this post is so outrageously stupid that it's not even good for a laugh, Dean. You're slipping into a really sloppy style, with no subtlety at all. Getting boring, Dean.

dean04prez said...
you can leave

mrsevilneocon said...
You talking to me, Dean?

dean04prez said...
S h o u l d


t y p e

s l o w e r


I'm cracking up as I type. Blogs are free and nobody forces you to read them. I've hit this wall myself so many time I now look like this. Play along or go home, that's all we ask.

Here's another great response from the day before:

Rocky Mtn. Lioness said...
deanie, deanie, deanie:Not counting the punk'd punctuation and misspelling, the ONLY thing you got right in that story is when you said:"Im' sorry to..."On that we all agree.

dean04prez said...
You will have to wait untill I am 18 befor we can get maried. Sorry


Blogger dean04prez said...

peopel dont under stand how hard it is to construct prose in my styel

3:05 PM


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