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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Review: Bloc Party - God Bless Bloc Party DVD

Warning: really bad pun at end of review.

God Bless Bloc Party is a bit of a gip because half the listed songs are seen in the documentary and not very much live at all. The concert portion of the DVD ends just as it's warming up. Show's over folks, drive safe (lights flicker off). I'm going to trade this back in for credit.

Bloc Party are themselves a great band and Silent Alarm a treasure if you like The Cure, Joy Division and Gang OF Four condensed like milk. I just sampled the Remix album of Silent Alarm and it's bad - bad bad not good bad.

I watched fifteen minutes of the documentary because Bloc Party aren't that interesting and whoever put this together took random/mundane footage and combined it with concert clips blender fashion using every visual effect on hand. No offense but most bands are not worthy of a documentary, and if I want to watch a skinny shirtless Asian kid who looks like both a Jewish accountant and Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite eat a lot of food I'd join the fetish site.

Singer and guitarist Kele Okereke has personality plus and is fun to watch. Matt Tong on drums eats and doesn't like talking about influences. Gordon Moakes (bass) and Russell Lissack (guitar) are from that planet of skinny pale guys who seem personality free but friends swear they're wild men once you get to know them.

The concert footage in the doc is so disconnected and artificially flavored it doesn't seem live at all. The short and sweet concert portion is much better, even with 47 cameras in place, both static and swooping, with cuts so quick it's more subliminal than real.

If Bloc Party were anarchist vegetarians the hidden message might be to Smash The Steak.


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