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Thursday, December 08, 2005

CBGBs Lease Extended

From punknews.org

In a surprising turn of events - particularly in light of recent revelations about future plans, CBGB has renewed it's lease with the the Bowery Residents Commitee. The BRC had served eviction papers to the legendary club in September but in light of the new agreement, it will occupy the current location until Halloween 2006. Mayor Michael R.Bloomberg issued this statement:
I applaud the management of CBGB and the officials of the Bowery Residents Committee for working together to reach a year-long agreement that allows CBGB to continue serving audiences. For more than a quarter of a century, CBGB has served as an incubator for cutting edge artists and entertainers. With today’s agreement and our efforts, I believe CBGB will continue its prominent role in setting trends in music and culture.....


Blogger Robert G. said...

That Bloomberg's one hep cat. Do the kids still say hep?

12:38 PM


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