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Thursday, November 17, 2005

All That Glitters Is Not Gary

Gary Glitter, 61, likes 'em young, and this time, Vietnamese.

Did you hear the one about the New York guy in court for sex with a minor? He said to the judge "Yer honor, I know she's only 13, but, come on, look at that ass!"


Blogger Richard said...

It seems really odd that a pedophile would apply for citizenship in a country that gives pedophiles the death penalty...not that I didn't know lots of 15 year olds that were having sex when I was around that age, just none with 61 year olds.

6:39 AM

Anonymous Ishbaka said...

I am a White Anglo Saxon Protestant marriend to and Asian ( they were called Orientals when I got married 13 years ago ) and it is DARNED hard to tell their age. I always liked Gary Glitter, I give him the benefit of the doubt. Also, in most asian (Oriental?) countries girls get married between 12-25. If you are not married by 25 you are an old maid. Ask my friend A. Yokoyama! Please don;t take this as an excuse for real pedophiles, I would gladly shoot them all. It's just to point out that there ARE cultural differences.

10:57 AM


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