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Monday, November 14, 2005

What's A Buzzcock?

I installed Statcounter on my blog and it's been all laughs and tears since. It tells me stuff about my visitors, including IP addresses, where they live, how long they stayed, etc. The best lists words and phrases entered into search engines that direct them to my site. Just today someone typed "learn to dance like Mick Jagger". "Stevo Died" is big and so is, surprisingly, Tesco Vee. Every so often someone asks "What is a buzzcock?" or "What are buzzcocks?"

I know! I know! If you refer to page 22 of your copy of Tony McGartland's book Buzzcocks: The Complete History, it states that on January 20, 1976:

"Scanning the pages of Time Out magazine, a London 'what's on' guide, the three friends find no listing for the Sex Pistols. By chance, reading a review of a Thames television series called Rock Follies about a female rock group, they stumble upon the headline 'It's the buzz, cock!'. Trafford suggest that this phrase, with its hint of aural and sexual irregularity, would make a great name for a band."

Buzz is rumor, gossip, a fad, a craze or a flurry of activity, whilst cock is cockney slang for a few things but it's also a friendly reference to a male friend. Therefore, "It's the buzz, cock!" means "It's the poop, fellow!" or whatever the kids say these days.

It's a pubic cervix to help. Come again!


Blogger Ratface said...

I believe i came across your page from your jokes about punks page. Perhaps i looked up "Ways to make fun of gutterpunks"

6:35 AM

Blogger Emerson said...

Gutterpunks? They're now called "Hobo Youth". Hey, that's the name of my next band. All I need is to learn how to sing or play an instrument!

11:38 AM

Blogger Richard said...

Too late, Emerson. I've stolen it. I'll credit you in the liner notes of our first album on Plan-It-X Records.

1:29 PM

Blogger audiosports said...

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3:11 PM


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