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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Ukrainian Holocaust (I Hate Commies)

Frontpagemag.com posts an excellent interview with the President of the United Ukrainian American Organizations of Greater New York, who are protesting tomorrow outside the NY Times building to demand the surrender of reporter Walter Duranty's 1932 Pulitzer Prize. Duranty is roasting in hell for covering up Stalin's slaughter through forced starvation of up to 10 million Ukrainian peasant farmers.

This stood out for me because it's the horrific lie that underscores the hypocrisy of the far left and their insanely mislabeled "peace" movement:

"...Duranty intentionally covered up this whole massacre because he supported it. Just like the despotism he venerated, he wanted millions to die. Like every believer in earthly utopia, he yearned for the destruction of this world, since in his political vision, as in the vision of the Stalins and Maos and Pol Pots, it is only through human blood that this world can be purified. An earthly paradise can only be built on the ashes of millions of human corpses."


Blogger Robert G. said...

Fortunately, most of my mother's family had emigrated by the '20s.

If Duranty'd been buried with the award, we could have a pay-per-view exhumation!

1:40 PM

Blogger Emerson said...

What a sack-o-crap he was.

3:03 PM


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