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Friday, October 14, 2005

Survey Says

I get e-mails from students writing class reports. They sometimes want me to answer very long and detailed questions, in essence writing their reports for them. Sometimes it's a survey like this one, which I completed and added to. It, like most punk academia, is based on the false assumption punk was and is a political movement steeped in Marxism. Note the opening kiss-ass line to flatter my fragile ego and make me cooperate. If you want to send Rob your own completed survey, he's at robfromtheband@hotmail.co.uk:

Hi I'm am currently studying media at A-level, your website has offered me some valuable information on the history of punk, could you fill in this internet question and send it back to me. Thanks in advance... Rob

Questionnaire: The Punk Movement

This questionnaire has been adapted for use on the PC. To chose an answer place a capital X within the square brackets. [X]

1) What is your sex? (Male) [x] But on the internet I'm a hot blonde teenage girl into sports and Japanese animation

2) Of Which decade where you born? The 19 – (60’s) [x] I was a youthful baby

3) Where you born in our outside London? (Outside) [x] Way outside, Brooklyn, NY

4) What class do you consider yourself to be? (Working class) [x] Worker Drone Level Two, State Smasher Level B-46

5) What is your favourite genre of music? (Punk Rock) [x] and the white noise my fan makes that helps me sleep

6) Have you ever heard of The Punk movement?(Yes) [x] I've even had a number of punk bowel movements

7) Of which region to you think the British punk movement originated? The Groin [x]

8) How much do you think the punk movement originated from class differences? (1) Being the lowest and (5) the highest.(1) [x] The Marxist view of punk history is a laugh but it does help smash authority by making people really dumb and angry

9) Do you think the Punk movement is as strong today as it was around the 1970’s?(Yes) [x] In both body odor and dead lift strength

10) How much do you think punk was copied or was a trend? (1) Being the lowest and (5) the highest. (5) [x] Especially by those bastard Amish!

11) How strong an effect did you think the punk movement had on the youth of the 1970’s? (Some Effect) [x] In the UK it replaced god and porn. In the US it affected nobody.

12) Do you think punk was controversial and was it on purpose?Controversial (Yes) [x] So was jerking off on the bus. Purposefully (Yes) [x] I did jerk off on purpose, but officer, what's your point?

13) Do you think the Punk movement had any opposition to the political opinions and laws of the government of the day?(Yes) [] (No) [] Pretentious, loaded question [x]

14) Do you think 1970’s punk bands tried to influence the political views of youth of the day?(Yes) [x] The political ones did. The others cared only about pudding

15) Can you as an individual relate to punk music, lyrics and fashion?(No) [x] Most punks are idiots who dress like morons. I like some of the music though.

16) What is your favourite punk band/ can you name a punk band Leatherface, and I'd like to name a lo-fi band Ped-Xing (as in Pedestrian Crossing). In the US that's clever.

17) Do you consider yourself to be a punk or uphold its ideologies? (No) [x] Why would anyone want to call themselves Punk? Do rednecks call themselves "Country"? Do classical music fans call themselves "Classical"?

18) What is your description of punk ideology (Beliefs)? Pretentious and often violent fantasies held my rich children and mentally defective adults.

19) How much importance/relevance do you think the punk movement gave each of these elements? (1) Being the lowest and (5) the highest.(Politics) (3) [x] Whatever side punks are on are usually the most destructive and least effective (Music) (3) [x] Everything's punk if you say it is. (Fashion) (3) [x] Right up there with Lumberjacks and cross-dressers

20) How much do you think The Punk movement changed the world for future generation? (1) Being the lowest and (5) the highest. (3) [x] Without punk the world would like totally suck.

21) In what area do you consider the movement to have changed things the most? (Politics) [] punk hasn't changed politics at all. It's just another front of the same idiocy. (Fashion) [](Music) [x] Now even babies have lines of punk fashions

22) State three words you most associate to the punk movement? 1) - Attitude 2) - Childhood 3) - Trend

23) Of which description do you most associate punk?(Loud, fast and aggressive music paired with unique fashion.) [x] There's also a cute dance you can do to it.(A direct assault on the government of 1970’s Britain) [] Ah yeas, and how effective it was!(A method of alienation from society, dramatising the modern crisis) [] What Gnome Crapsky textbook did this come from?

24) What do you think is the most likely reason for punk’s existence? (Type Here) - The Ramones


Blogger Robert G. said...

Mr. Hebdige and I are not pleased. See me after class.

8:09 PM

Blogger Emerson said...

But Robert, punk is about change and freedom and revolution and sharing and caring and justice and class and the environment and peace and smashing things up in fits of righteous rage

3:55 AM

Blogger tescosuicide said...

Answer #7 says it all! Oh and answer #24: spoken like a true New Yorker.

9:12 AM

Blogger Robert G. said...

The singer from Bunchofuckingoofs said that punk was about back alleys, used syringes and condoms, or something along those lines.

I believe he also ran for city council back in the late '80s/early '90s. Don't know if he used that in his speeches.

10:23 AM


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