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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Che Sucks, Part XI

Ten che guevara myths shot to shite. Why people idolize mass murderers is beyond me.


Blogger Richard said...

Here's a true story. I bought one of those "Commies Aren't Cool" t-shirts with the Che-buster on it from one of those obnoxious conservative t-shirt websites because I wanted to irritate people. I wore it for the first (and last) time at a grocery store in my hometown, which has a large population of various illegals because it's home to the largest nurseries in the country. This very old Mexican/South American man with a younger companion in tow came running up to me, babbling in Spanish (which I do not speak), pointing at my shirt and giving me the thumbs up. The guy with him said in a very heavy accent, "He likes your shirt" and then pulled him away. I wonder what most migrants from those parts of the world that are old enough to remember those times think of all the dumb college kids that've made the man an icon. I'd imagine they're pretty offended.

8:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

God, I hate those damn Che shirts. They're all over my campus. I wore that cool shirt Maddox was selling -- the one of Che as a pirate. I spent the next day in class getting angry looks and more than a few lectures from students who thought they knew something about this "great man". I never wore it again because my philosophy professor gave me an after class lecture about "causing trouble without just cause." What an ass.

Anonymous has spoken.

7:12 PM

Blogger Richard said...

What are you talking about? Maddox IS a great man.

Seriously, I've never had anyone make any kind of real case for this guy...there was an international affairs major that I worked with on campus who, of course, vehemently and with a burning passion, hated all things Republican, which he assumed I was since I didn't agree with him. Whenever I brought up something objectionable about the man he just told me that I needed to read "an honest account of his life" and not "rightwing propaganda." When I continued to assert that the things he did were dispicable he said that I needed to "get past that" and look at "the reasons." Fortunately that kid got fired for being an asshole and I haven't seen him since.

5:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Che adoration puzzles me too.

I figure there's only two reasons:

1) totally clueless about communism. Never picked up a news paper or read a history book; though they're apt to know all about Paris Hilton, they know nothing about communism.

2) Or totally duped into believing the silly rant..."Hey, at least communists have free medical and our literate." Completely ignoring that people are abused, imprisoned, killed for opposing their dictator. And never question the tens of thousands that convert cars into boats to escape their beloved communist island.

In which case, these sort of Che t-shirt wearers are seriously disturbed.

Either way - especially since I have a friend who was imprisoned in Cuba during the '60s & had everything taken away... hasn't seen his family in decades - those t-shirts piss me off.

I came by way of my website aprilbaby's californ life

11:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uhhhmmmm...speaking of literate - apparently I'm not.

The last post was mine and I wrote:
..."Hey, at least communists have free medical and OUR literate."

That should be ARE literate.

Maybe I should move to Cuba and I wouldn't be so damned illiterate.

1:44 PM


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