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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


There's genres of music where there's no such thing as understandable lyrics. I don't listen to any of them, but I'm ok with songs I can only partly understand. I sing along with hundreds of songs even though it's often only phonetically. Lyrics are hugely overrated but there are rare exceptions for me. Husker Du's Zen Arcade comes to mind.

On his blog, Tesco Suicide posted a picture of Darby Crash of the Germs overlayed with song lyrics. There's even a link to an MP3. Darby's the American Sid Vicious and there's a documentary coming out that'll send his Q Score soaring! Without the lyrics all I can decipher is a word or two here and there, and Darby sings in a wah-ooo wah-ooo style that reminds me of the Kipper Kids in The Forbidden Zone. So I laugh.

The Germs Anthology is ok but the live album blows. There's probably more to "the story" of The Germs than there is in the music. Just like GG Allin.

Tesco Suicide, by the by, focuses like a laser on the three Ps: Punk, Porn and Pennsylvania.


Blogger tescosuicide said...

Thanks bro. There is more to the Germs, and I agree, the live stuff is unbearable - of course it was the live stuff that made them legendary... wierd how that works.

11:04 AM

Blogger Emerson said...

It's the self-destruction in public thing, just like GG Allin.

12:03 PM


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