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Monday, September 19, 2005

Review: Wild Zero DVD

Wild Zero is the strangest punk rock movie ever. It's of a kind with Versus, the other great Japanese zombie action-comedy. It's also the bastard child of every movie in the Something Weird catalog. The movie stars Guitar Wolf, the trash rock psychobilly kings of the far-out east. Listed as Guitar Wolf, Drum Wolf and Bass Wolf, they're like the Ramones in Rock N Roll High School except they blow heads off zombies and Guitar Wolf is a superhero with ninja guitar picks and a samurai guitar on his back. The soundtrack features Guitar Wolf, The Oblivions and Bikini Kill. Throughout the film Guitar Wolf wears a "Punk" t-shirt with the lettering from the old magazine of the same name.

For plot refer to this. I'd do it myself but it's a nutzoid movie. There's no structure, too many characters and very little internal logic but it's a fun, funny and quite a pleasantly random experience. The zombies move very slowly, if at all, so when someone gets killed you wonder why they didn't just walk away slowly to escape. Alternate titles could be "The Easily Avoidable Dead" and "Moseying Flesh Eaters". The only effects they get right are heads being blown off so you see it a lot. There's also a definite nod to the lawnmower scene in Dead Alive.

Three (3) times in the film Guitar Wolf screams "Lock N Loll !!", which might make me think of "Flied Lice" except that would be racist and wrong.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Em, the guitar player for Guitar Wolf rides a motorcycle just like you - it's a 400 cc. Kawasaki with a header but no muffler.
They hold the record for the highest decibel reading at a rock concert last I heard.
You are not racist, there is no "L" sound in the Japanese language and Japanese people substitute "R". Of the 9 sounds present in English but not in Japanses "L" is the hardest for Japanese people to learn. Just thought you'd wanna know.
BTW the guitar player plays an Epiphone SG painted the same color as his bike, racing stripe and all.
You NEEDED to know all this.

2:14 PM

Blogger Emerson said...

That can only be Dr. John from the land of the Palmetto Bug - the flying cockroach.

I ride a Honda Magna. I spit on the 400CC Kawasaki. Pa-too-ee.

How dare you say I'm not racist! I'm a white male, ain't I?

3:32 PM

Blogger Richard said...

Hey anon, what kind of Epiphone SG does the guy from Guitar Wolf play? The SG 310 or the SG 400 with the set neck?

5:50 PM


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