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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Review: Frog-g-g

Frog-g-g is an unwatchable b-movie and it took two sittings and a liberal use of the 2x forward button to finish it. I waded through to catch a fleeting glimpse of Miss Togar herself, Mary Woronov, who holds the mutant frog baby at the end and looks appalled. It wasn't worth it.

MST3K fans know the process of choosing selections to mock involved sitting through screening of mind-warpingly unwatchable films, many with nothing to even hang on parody. Frog-g-g is one of those films. During the entire fiasco all I could do was imagine James Lipton walking in every 8 seconds saying softly to the actors "....and...begin".

There's good bad movies and bad good movies. In both can be found true b-movie classics. Then there's films that just do and are nothing. Frog-g-g is one of them. The only thing I liked was the actor in the frog suit dancing to the right of the closing credits.

Director Cody Jarrett was in a band called China White and now has a band called Teen Machine. His China White (there was more than one) might be the 1981 Huntington Beach beach-punk band.


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