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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Anti-War, Christopher Hitchen's Foot

Anonymous wrote that I labeled everyone I disagree with a Stalinist. I only call Stalinists Stalinists. Communists I call Communists. If you don't know the evils of Communism and its pure Nazi equivalent, Stalinism, here's a good place to start your edgimuhfication. I refer to Cindy Sheehan an insane hausfrau, Ward Churchill "Whitey Fake-Em-Good", Noam Chomsky "Gnome Crapsky", Bad Religion "Political Pedophiles", Anti-Flag "immensely Inconsequential" and Michael Moore the death of documentary filmmaking as a legitimate art form. Believe you me, I give these nobodies all the respect they deserve.

Don't get me wrong. I hate Rev. Phelps and Pat Robertson, and rednecks and preppies are no better or worse than hippies and organic food snobs, but far left genocidal nimrods are being pushed as the mainstream by cretins and scumbags, and I want the debate of politics to only involve people of good intentions. Phelps and Crapsky can both die in the same fiery pit as far as I'm concerned. No, everything doesn't work in theory and not all opinions are of equal value.

Christopher Hitchens, formerly one of the great minds of the left before discovering the far left is intractably genocidal and suicidal, skewers the phony left in this piece on Slate.com.

If you don't like my politics, don't read my blog. If you don't like what I review, don't read my blog. If you like it here, thanks. If not, go away.


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