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Friday, September 23, 2005

Mykel Board

Former MaximumRockNRoll columnist Mykel Board just released a book compiling writings for that zine, which I recall ran in the 80s. He also had an arty non-punk punk band called Artless. He was asked to leave MRR at some point because he created offenses not in line with dirtball publisher Tim Yohannon's allowed offenses. I followed the hullabaloo at the time but in retrospect everyone involved deserved a beating, and in the bigger picture of life it was a non-event of immense proportions.

Board was a scumbag who wrote about being a scumbag. I think he was allowed to write for MRR just to make everyone else appear more sane. It was hard to figure if was serious or if his tales were made up to enrage. He and his defenders hid behind the excuse of his "honesty" but I think (my memory is bad) he wrote a number of times about having sex with small children.

Did he really do that or was it a joke? Was he a scumbag or was it all a lark? I'd like to know.


Blogger Matt "Max" Van said...

I'm pretty sure he did, in fact, have some form of sex with persons under the age of 18. However, you must understand the guy got his start writing porn. Ergo, he was prone to falling back on his "strengths". I never saw the point in him, and after awhile, didn't see the point in MRR. I must admit, I still don't see the point in either one. Vic Bondi writes better travel pieces, Jeff Bale writes better political stuff from a "libertarian" type of perspective. The Big Takeover is better for covering music. Any of a good dozen magazines have more logical "radical" politics, and just about anything is more punk than a bunch of Berkeley students writing screeds from a commune. But, hey, what would I know? I'm just a poseur!

10:19 PM

Anonymous MikalM said...

Among other things, he did the spoken intro to the original GG Allin compilation, HATED IN THE NATION, which should give you a good idea of where his tastes were/are...

11:44 PM


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