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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Why Scrappleface Is Great

Scrappleface reminds us all that it's funny because it's true!

G8 Mulls Qaeda Offer to End Modern Civilization

(2005-07-07) -- Leaders of the world's major industrialized nations, meeting in Scotland at the G8 Summit today, said they would consider al-Qaeda's latest proposal to "end modern civilization and return to the glorious days of feudalism."

The al-Qaeda offer came in the form of multiple explosions during rush hour in London, drenching buses and trains with the blood of ordinary working people.

"Modern civilization had a good long run," said one unnamed global diplomat, "and these Qaeda chaps have made a serious proposal that one must consider. It should spark thoughtful discussion at the G8 about whether Western values have become obsolete in the face of the growing popularity of this progressive Islamic lifestyle."

In related news, we're all Britons now.


Blogger hooey said...

I ws banned from Scrapple Face.

2:07 PM

Blogger Emerson said...


It's nice to hear from you. I loved that last piece about negotiating with Bin Laden. You must love the abuse. Sweet photograph too.

I don't like mean comments. I wants to be wuvved!

2:40 PM


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