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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Review: The Futureheads - self-titled cd

I can't think of a more fun band to come from the new angular movement than Sunderland, England's Futureheads. Their self-titled cd was produced by Gang Of Four's Andy Gill, but to say this sounds like Gang Of Four would be a mistake, especially compared to other bands. The Rosetta Stone for this is XTC's White Music and GO2, albums that have grown in importance years after their release. You can throw in The Jam for good measure.

Barry Hyde sometimes sings like Robert Smith, but these guys sound Scottish or something. "Don't" comes out as "Dough'nt" and "Rust" is "Roost". I'm from New York so I haven't a clue. There's not a weak track to be found, my favorites being "Le Garage", "A To B" and "Man Ray". The songs generate infectious energy. I lost the track listing but a slow one sounds like Al Stewart, he of "Time Passages" and "Year Of The Cat".

I highly recommend this to all you new wave hipster doofus maroons out there in blogtown.


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