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Thursday, June 09, 2005


Today's BlameBush! had me simultaneously spit and double-take, an event as rare as a Jello Biafra bout of sanity. Here's what turned me into a fleshy lawn sprinkler:

"Students must no longer be judged by what they know, but by how they feel about it. In a world struggling under the iron boot of corporate America, math, science, and logic are far less important than sensitivity to social injustice, stewardship for the environment, and compassion for the countless victims of western civilization."

A car in front of me had this bumper sticker. "Intelligence Is More Important Than Knowledge". Oy. The driver looked like a church mouse. Einstein, a man with enough knowledge to make his imagination real (don't give any visa-versa crap) was just being cute. Brazil's happy ending had Sam Lowry locked in a world of imagination and no knowledge, but he also couldn't control his bowels or feed himself anymore.

Here's a quote I've always loved. It was supposedly from Benjamin Franklin and went something like "Intelligence isn't what you know, it's knowing where to look things up." I wasn't able to find that, but I did find what might be the real quote, from Jean Piaget, he of the child development "Clean Slate" theory: "Intelligence is not what you know, but what you do when you don't know. "


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