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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Long Beach Blogging

I was just going to mention the huge aqua/purple house with the Prince Logo on the driveway gate, but Long Beach, CA is a pretty cool place in general. Let's blog!

Long Beach has an airport ("lowest-cost parking in the region"!) the Queen Mary (ghost-infested floating hotel), the queens named Mary parade, an aquarium (any "Rock Lobster" reference will do), the Grand Prix (sounds like hornets attacking), an international marathon, a hockey team, CCULB, Long Beach City College, the A-1 Traffic School, America's second biggest port, its own dull cable station, a (f)art museum and arts district, miles of beach, America's top rated park and recreation system (so says the sign), and it's where you'll find Jesse James' famous t-shirt mill, West Coast Choppers.

It's relatively cheap to live here, the weather is great and Screwy Louie Carus of Junk Records, punk's unofficial Mayor Of Long Beach, says this is where the freaks of Orange County live before deciding if they want to make the big freak move to San Francisco.

Punk-wise, Long Beach is home to Long Gone John and Sympathy For The Record Industry, the cat-loving SST Records, Release The Bats, and, there's a Yellowcard album titled Ocean Avenue (that's in LB!) that talks about the park on Cherry Street. It overlooks BJ Alley, where men go wookin' puh nub before sunrise (damn you, short summer nights!)

Yes, Long Beach is America's 51st state, and it's where you'll find the empty Prince House, a huge purple Spanish style home on sale for 1.5 million dollars. I'll know it's sold when the house gets painted and that stupid Prince sign comes down. Can you imagine the freaky Addams Family types who lived there? Do you think people knocked on their door to ask the one word existential question of "WHY?!" Can't you just picture the paint store guy saying"you're kidding me, right?"


Anonymous Bridget said...

You mention SST Records... I got to know Greg Ginn when I was editor of Cat Fancy magazine a couple of years back, if you can believe it. He and his wife Roseanne run a cat rescue out of the HQ on 4th St. We used his cats as models on a product photo shoot, for one. Very cool people down there ... not to mention I got in free to the Black Flag reunion at the Palladium!

2:03 AM

Blogger Emerson said...

I hear that show wasn't that great, but long live the cat lovers!

9:15 AM


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